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Hosted by Fabio Bellanova - Founder of Intuitive Health Academy

For the health-conscious person wanting to conquer their cravings once and for all.


What to expect...

Root Cause

We'll uncover the root causes that lead to cravings and why you are falling back into old (eating) habits.

Overcoming Blockages

You'll learn what is necessary to overcome your blockages and heal your cravings at the root cause.

Identity Shift

I'll teach you the success mindset that you need to implement in order to experience results permanently.

Sustainable Solution

You'll have a clear idea and plan of the exact steps that you need to take to finally conquer your cravings.

Meet Fabio Bellanova

Your Intuitive Health Coach

Growing up in Germany my family and I mostly ate "fresh" food that my mom cooked, but at the time we were not aware that a standard german diet isn't particularly healthy.

In my teens I started buying my own food and regularly ate fast food with my friends. I started becoming lethargic, unmotivated, had depressive tendencies and even stopped playing football after 12 years. I quit many things I enjoyed and loved doing because my eating habits were draining my energy.

When I was around 20 I had enough. I wanted to get better so I started questioning the status quo and looking for my own answers.

In 2016 I first changed my diet and went vegan basically over night. Not eating animals helped but I kept eating processed and junk food. The only difference was it was vegan. I realized I need to get rid of all the processed junk so I can really feel my best.

Easier said than done. For days, sometimes even several weeks I was able to stick to whole-foods and lots of raw food but I always fell back into my old habits.

I felt frustrated, angry, tired, even helpless at times, although giving up never crossed my mind. I always had hope and believed I will find a way to make it work.

In total it took me over 7 years (5 years as a vegan) to fully overcome my processed and junk food cravings. And finally I was able to experience what real health and freedom feels like. Almost as a side-effect all my health issues that I had since childhood went away too.

Today I follow a raw vegan diet with ease and I feel the healthiest I've ever been. Of course I have "bad" days too. I'm just human like you are, but my not so great days now are nothing compared to the ones before.

It's my mission to help as many people as possible to conquer their cravings so they can experience next-level health and freedom as well. Not just for a few days, permanently.

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